It’s Sunday so that means – New Video on my You Tube Channel!!!

 Do you all wanna know who the hottest  Basketball player is …… more amazing than KOBE, more amazing than CURRY….. you’ll have to tune IN  and watch  … don’t  forget to give it a ??  and leave a comment AND spread the word !

→→→Lil Hoopz -Greatest Basketball Player There Never Was… [Twinkle Time] Kid Show←←←

Below is my show schedule for this week and be on the look out for July Schedule coming out

July 1st along with  NEW VIDEO every SUNDAY!!!

Look forward to seeing you all this Summer !!!

Wednesday,June 27th,2018

FREE shows

2pm and 4pm


*Archibald Library (Rancho Cucamonga)*

For More Info:

 Thursday, June 28th,2018

FREE show

? Tickets  will be available 1 WEEK  before show  ?

2pm and 4pm


*Paul A. Biane Library (Rancho Cucamonga)*

For More Info :


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