Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, obviously  today is Valentine’s Day but the thought of spreading love and kindness should be an everyday occurrence. Something that we do without expecting anything back in return ya never know when someone might just need a little hug, smile or just asking how someone’s day has been.


Spreading L-O-V-E and kindness and just being their for someone is totally the key to life,that’s how we establish long lasting honest friendships & relationships. Knowing that you have someone’s back when the going gets rough cause life isn’t always perfect. When you have someone that believes in you, supports you in all you do and makes you a better a person & vice versa WOW the sky’s the limit!


So,Valentine’s Day isn’t just about a cute couple getting roses, getting yummy chocolates, going to see a movie or eating at super fancy overpriced restaurant.  To me its about  a hand written note, making something special just spending quality time together enjoying the little things in life.


This guy down below has held my hand in this technicolor journey of life, has been my support system in everything, has made me a stronger person, encouraged me and gave me the confidence to believe in myself, my dreams and is cool with me being a girl boss. We write and produce  children’s music together creating our destiny and empire together and most importantly inspiring the next generation of kids  through music,arts and educating kids of all ages to DREAM BIG-Hasta las Estrellas!


Here is a little song kid song we wrote which is perfect for today …L-O-V-E !


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